A Secret Interest

At the awkward age of 20, I have lately been interested in the BDSM Community and know that most find it abnormal. I’m not really into the chains and whips like tv may portray, but more so into the idea of being with an older woman.

This is officially my first post, and therefore I will keep it short, sweet, and simple. I would like to see first if this is even a topic for others to relate to. Since I was  a young girl, I’ve had a “thing” for older women, never really older men. It stems back to my first woman crush that I can remember. I wont put her name out but she was a beauty. A very nice teacher who was in her 20’s at this time. I was in 2nd grade all the way up to 4th. I found myself being jealous when other children would be around her and I was OBSESSED with playing in her hair. I always wanted to be around her and I had a slight concerning action of sniffing her hair and loving it. All actions of which I never paid much attention to until I got older, closer to my college years. I never considered myself to have a crush on her, but it was indeed a small childish crush. But before I realized this, I would have said my obsession with older women came from a woman I will never forget. Once again, I will not put her name out, but she was my first love. And after I tell you the story and our history, you may think to yourself that “first love” may be a very concerning choice of words.

5th grade. This was the time I came to a new school, met new teachers, lived with my dad, and made new friends. Orientation, the first sight I had had of her. School didn’t start yet, it was just a pre-session for the parents to hear all the school rules and meet the teachers. That’s what we did indeed. At this time she had only caught my eye but not really had an impact on me. As the school year starts and moves on, I begin to become closer to her, in an honest non-sexual way. She was more of a role model to me, a role model that just so happened to be great looking and well like by a bunch of 5-8th graders. I had certain people in my family I could talk to, but it was never the same. Unconsciously, I will admit I was attracted to her in more ways than one, and I could see that coming up in my obsessive attempts to hug her everyday, and be around her when ever I could. She noticed, and so did others, but I was never ashamed to say that she was my favorite teacher and meant a lot to me.

On the flip side of this story, I was best friends with a girl who was dating this boy I liked in my class. She would dog him behind his back, but to my face. Knowing that I liked him, and he would always dog me for her. The irony of this situation. But in an effort to shut her up, I confronted her about the way she treats him and she didn’t like that at all. We had a falling out and she made up her mind to hit me where it hurts. My teacher crush. The things she did after that were actions that changed my life forever…..

To Be Continued….

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